French cuisine

Red bean and coix seed porridge with black rice

Food Material List

  • 1 Red bean
  • 2 Jobs tears
  • 3 Black rice

Operational steps

  • 1 Red beans, coix seed and black rice are mixed in proportion. It is suggested that each person should choose 10 grams of each ingredient per meal.
    Red bean and
  • 2 After washing with warm water, add water. According to personal preference, the amount of water added is 2-3 times that of cooking water.
  • 3 If you soak in warm water overnight, you can choose one or several additions according to your preferences.
  • 4 The next day, according to the breakfast time, start cooking porridge one hour earlier. If the electric rice cooker has the function of “reservation”, it can make an appointment to cook porridge directly after washing and adding water.
  • 5 Half an hour later, you can enjoy the delicious red bean, coix seed and black rice porridge!
    Red bean and

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