Cold Dishes

Red, Black and Yellow Fried Rice

Last night, we cooked the remaining ingredients of the stir-fried rice. Today, we can make up a stir-fried rice.

Food Material List

  • 1 Leftovers (cold meals) Individual portion
  • 2 Corn Half
  • 3 Garden radish A small root
  • 4 Black fungus Appropriate amount
  • 5 Garlic Three pieces
  • 6 soy sauce Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 First, the black fungus was foamed in hot water, then washed and cut into thin strips. After breaking the corn into one grain, wash it and set aside. I cut the carrots into shreds and salted them with a little salt. Then peel garlic, pat and dice.
  • 2 Pour peanut oil into the pot, heat the oil, then stir-fry garlic, then shredded carrot, stir-fry, then pour black fungus and stir-fry a few times, then add salt and stir-fry corn kernels. Add a little water, no more than ingredients, probably to the general line.
  • 3 When the carrots are almost ripe, add white rice. First, scatter the white rice and mix it with soy sauce. Friends who like spicy food can add some chili sauce.
  • 4 Make sure that all the stir-frying is well-balanced, then try the taste, and you can start the pan.


Soy sauce should be added at last, not when stir-frying.

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