Red Fire Over the New Year-Burning Sugar East Slope

Last night, I was still nervously practicing another vegetarian dish for Grandpas New Years Eve dinner tomorrow night: stewed vegetarian Dongpo pork. The red color implies that everyone will celebrate the New Year with red flames. New Years Day, we need this flavor, that is, the red and red color. I hope you like it and wish you all the best in the Dragon Year.

Food Material List

  • 1 Su Dongpo Pork of Qishan
  • 2 Mushrooms

Operational steps

  • 1 Su Dongpo meat was thawed and cut into small pieces.
    Red Fire Over
  • 2 Lentinus edodes foam, cut off the mushroom stalks, squeeze dry water for use;
  • 3 When the ice sugar melts, the color will become red and sticky, and then the mushroom will be stir-fried.
    Red Fire Over
  • 4 Xiasu Dongpo meat, stir-fry and color, add mushrooms, soy sauce, cooking wine, continue stir-frying a few times, turn the small fire to simmer for about 15 minutes, then Sudongpo meat has become red and bright, turn off the fire and serve the dish, prepare chopsticks, start!
    Red Fire Over


If you want to burn red, red and bright color, dont add water. When baking, you should remember to stir it up from time to time, or youll get stuck in the mud! ___________

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