Italy cuisine

Red sugar ginger jujube tea

Food Material List

  • 1 Red dates 20
  • 2 Brown sugar 500g
  • 3 ginger 250g
  • 4 water Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Red jujube peeled with scissors
    Red sugar ginger
  • 2 Filtration of cut ginger juice
    Red sugar ginger
  • 3 Take ginger juice, brown sugar and red dates and cook them together.
    Red sugar ginger
  • 4 Its OK to boil the fire until its thick (Ill boil it for about an hour).
    Red sugar ginger
  • 5 Thats all right. Turn off the fire, cover the lid and wait until its completely cold before you can bottle it.
    Red sugar ginger
  • 6 Take two spoonfuls of boiled water to the office every morning to warm your stomach and nourish your face and blood. Especially suitable for people with cold hands and feet! Its worth noting that you cant drink at night. Because ginger tastes good arsenic in the evening.
    Red sugar ginger

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