Red Velvet Whirlpool Cake Beans 5th Anniversary

Its been more than two years since I came here. I remember that when I first came in with my baby, I had nothing to do at home. I happened to find the delicacies of beans and fruits. So I began to cook, bake and thank the beans and fruits for finding what I really liked. I remember when I was a child, my parents asked me what my dreams were when I grew up. I said I would open a cake shop because I could eat delicious cakes and bread every day. At that time, I was just a little cat, hoping that I could eat delicious food every day, but now it seems that this dream is something I really like. Last year, I did a private baking, but then because I was busy at work and did not continue, but the heart that loved baking did not cool. As soon as I had time, I went into the kitchen. My family said that I had to take care of my children at work one day. I was not tired and baked. I could only say that I was a person who loved life, and I wanted to do it. The healthiest and most delicious food for family and friends. Now ushered in the fifth anniversary of the pea, I hope that the pea is getting better and better, I will always accompany the pea go down!

Food Material List

  • 1 Yolk 5
  • 2 protein 5
  • 3 Sponge White Sugar (for Protein) 60g
  • 4 Mianbai Sugar (for egg yolk) 10-20g
  • 5 Low-gluten flour 70g
  • 6 Buttermilk 55g
  • 7 Corn oil 45g
  • 8 Monascus powder 10g
  • 9 Unsalted butter About 600 ml
  • 10 Fine white sugar 60g

Operational steps

  • 1 Mix red koji powder with low gluten flour.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 2 Five eggs separate the egg yolk.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 3 Whisk egg yolk and sugar evenly.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 4 Pour in homemade buttermilk. Stir well and add corn oil. Stir well.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 5 Sift in the powder and stir until no granules are found.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 6 The protein was added into sponge sugar three times and beaten to a wet foaming state.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 7 At this time, preheat the oven, fire up and down, 180 degrees. Take one third of the protein into the yolk paste and mix evenly. Must be turned over!
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 8 Take another third of the protein to continue mixing, must be turned over, can not draw circles!
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 9 Finally, all the remaining proteins are poured into the egg yolk paste basin, and evenly stirred. A thin layer of butter is spread on the rectangular baking tray and oilpaper is spread on it. Pour the cake paste into a rectangular baking pan and shake it lightly.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 10 Place the pan in the middle of the oven and bake for 18 to 20 minutes.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 11 When its time, take out the baking tray, fall from a high place to the ground, and shock the hot air out.
  • 12 Can be upside down to cool, or directly carry the four corners of oil paper, the cake piece moved to the baking net to cool.
  • 13 Waiting for the cake chips to cool, you can whisk the light butter. Generally, I put 10% of the white sugar in the light butter. If I like sweet, I can add it. Its OK to hit the grain, not too hard, not suitable for connecting cakes.
  • 14 Cut the edges around the cake slices and divide them into four or five portions on average. Make sure they are evenly divided. Be sure to get an average score! Be sure to get an average score! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times. There are no pictures in the following steps. I really cant get out of it. I hope I can forgive you. Wait till next time and make sure to send out some new drawings.
  • 15 Take a slice of cake, spread it with cream, put it in the middle of the cake chassis and roll it up. Then roll up all the cake bars with butter. Its kind of like a big roll.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool
  • 16 Finally, the cake edges and corners were cut and baked in the oven until crisp. The powder was kneaded by hand and sprinkled in the middle of the cake surface.
    Red Velvet Whirlpool

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