Beijing cuisine

Reversed Sushi

Look at the sushi shop at the school gate and steal a lesson

Food Material List

  • 1 Sushi seaweed One
  • 2 Glutinous rice Half bowl

Operational steps

  • 1 Place the bamboo curtain flat on the table, spread a piece of Shanghai moss, then evenly spread a thin layer of rice, not too much, pay attention to leaving a small row of space. After laying the rice, lay a fresh-keeping film on it and turn over the whole seaweed with rice.
  • 2 Cut the ingredients one by one on the side of the moss and then coat them with thousand island sauce or salad dressing.
  • 3 Roll the ingredients to the other side and then to the back side. After rolling, remember to see if the rice has been compacted and whether the seaweed has fallen off. After winding, cut it into slices with a knife, then uncover the film and put it on the plate.


When rolling sushi, we must exert ourselves properly. We must not scatter sushi. When cutting sushi, we should cut it all at once, otherwise it will be easy to scatter.

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