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Rice Killer – Fried Duck with Ginger

In the season when Zijiang is on the market, we Chongqing people always buy some ginger to soak, or fresh Zijiang for cooking, such as Zijiang shredded meat, Zijiang fried back to the pot meat, etc. Usually when we have a bad meal or a reduced meal, we eat a few pieces of Zijiang, or use ginger to make a dish, which can improve appetite and increase the amount of food. In Chongqing, there is such a saying, “No delicious food, eat ginger.” It can be seen that Zijiang is the killer of rice.

Food Material List

  • 1 duck leg
  • 2 Ginger

Operational steps

  • 1 To make this dish, we dont need to use other oils. We use the oil on duck leg to fry the dish directly. It tastes special and fragrant. Friends can try it.
    Remove duck skin and fat from duck leg, shred the remaining duck meat, put in half bowl of vinegar, grab well and marinate for 20 minutes to remove the fishy smell.
    Shredded Ginger for Reserve
    Rice Killer -
  • 2 Deodorized duck shreds are evenly mixed with starch
    Rice Killer -
  • 3 After the frying pan is heated, the duck leg meat is put into the pan to pop out the grease and then the oil residue is fished out. < br /> stir-fry the duck shredded with starch in the pot. After discoloration, season it with Pixian bean paste. Then stir-fry the ginger shredded in the pot. After birth, add some salt according to your own taste and finish the dishing.
    Rice Killer -
  • 4 Shredded meat has a dry aroma and a strong ginger flavor.
    Rice Killer -


Today, I choose duck meat because it is suitable for eating duck in autumn. As a delicious dish, duck meat is suitable for nourishing. Its protein content is very rich. It is higher than the protein content in animal meat. Its fat content is moderate and well distributed. The fat contained in duck meat is mainly unsaturated fatty acids and low-carbon saturated fats. Fatty acid, low melting point, easy to digest, not easy to cause fat accumulation, for some women who want to eat meat and fear fat, duck is a good choice.

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