French cuisine

Saint Egg Pasta

Food Material List

  • 1 Self-rising flour 2 tablespoons (self-determined)

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare the raw materials.

    Saint Egg Pasta
  • 2 Leaves of lettuce were sliced into thin slices of green leaves, tomatoes into slices, and a small bowl of warm water.
  • 3 The eggs are dispersed first, then the egg liquid is washed with warm water. The egg liquid is poured into the flour and stirred into a delicate paste. Salt and sugar are added to flavor the egg. (batter can be beaten with an egg beater to remove small bumps in the flour.)
  • 4 Spread a layer of oil on the bottom of the pan (pan is the best). When the pan is a cool pan, pour in the proper batter and bake it over a small fire.
  • 5 When the batter at the bottom of the pot begins to solidify, put two slices of tomatoes, sprinkle lettuce leaves, and continue to bake until the surface of the cake becomes darker. Use the spade to shovel the bottom of the cake and prepare to turn over.
  • 6 Turn the cake over quickly and let the other side be heated. Turn off the fire when the tomatoes smell.
  • 7 Take a plate and pour it upside down on the cake.
  • 8 One hand tray, one hand the whole pot upside down on the tray.
  • 9 In this way, the cake satisfactorily landed in the center of the plate, without damage.

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