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Salt and pepper jumping fish

The hot ingredient in the tip of tongue 2, jumping fish, is also called springing fish. I want to eat it, but there is no magic skill of my fathers 8 seconds fishing. Fortunately, there is a network. When you get it, you can see that it looks very similar to loach. It should be very tasty to fry with salt and pepper. Jumping fish with delicate and delicious meat, rich in protein, delicious and nutritious is also known as “sea ginseng”.

Food Material List

  • 1 Jumping fish Several articles
  • 2 Egg 1
  • 3 corn starch Few

Operational steps

  • 1 After removing the viscera of Jumping Fish, use ginger powder, white pepper powder and liquor to marinate for more than half an hour to remove the fishy smell.
    Salt and pepper
  • 2 In one bowl, whisk the egg mixture. In another bowl, prepare corn starch and crispy fried powder and mix well. (I used the powder of fried chicken wings)
    Salt and pepper
  • 3 The oil in the small milk pot is heated. After heating, a piece of ginger can be added to test the oil temperature. The foam on the edges of the ginger slices is the oil temperature of the pot.
    Salt and pepper
  • 4 Put the jumping fish in the egg juice.
    Salt and pepper
  • 5 Then roll in the starch. Take off the excess powder.
    Salt and pepper
  • 6 Add oil pan and fry crispy.
    Salt and pepper
  • 7 Finally sprinkle with salt and pepper, and you can eat it.
    Salt and pepper

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