Western-style food

Salt and pepper peanut

Food Material List

  • 1 peanut Appropriate amount
  • 2 Salt and pepper Appropriate amount
  • 3 salt Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Choose the peanuts and put them in a big bowl. Pour them in boiling water and simmer for a while.
  • 2 Look at the peanut bubble almost when , pull out the drainage water, while hot into salt and pepper, put for a while.
  • 3 About five minutes later, put the peanuts in the microwave oven bowl, put them in the microwave oven high fire for a minute, then take them out and turn them over, then put them in the microwave oven for another bite. Thats about it. After four or five minutes, just taste the peanuts broken. Peanuts are crisp when they are hot.


1. Salt and pepper can also be changed into spicy powder, which becomes spicy peanuts 2. Peanuts are high-fat food after all. Eating in moderation can help moisten the intestines and relieve constipation, but eating more is not good for little girls who lose weight, so it is necessary to eat in moderation

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