Cold Dishes

Salted meat and vegetable rice

Thai long rice for fried rice flowers, steamed a day earlier, scattered in a bowl, refrigerated for one night. This bacon rice is crushed with bacon, fried with a spoonful of lard, tender broad bean chips is to make the taste more fresh, and vegetable oil and broad bean taste good harmony!

Food Material List

  • 1 Bacon 2 tablets
  • 2 Ye Fan Bowl
  • 3 Tender broad bean flaps A handful of
  • 4 Greens One piece

Operational steps

  • 1 Heat oil and a spoonful of lard in the pan, stir-fry the fragrant oil with the broken bacon, then stir-fry the broad bean and green vegetables until they are ripe. Stir-fry the rice until the grains are clear and the green vegetables are dried. Mix in the salt monosodium glutamate.
    Salted meat and

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