Sassafras vinegar

The classic dish of vinegar-dried wood is seldom authentic in restaurants. It can only be done at home. Even so, it is closer to the traditional taste than that made in restaurants outside.

Food Material List

  • 1 beef 200g
  • 2 Egg 2
  • 3 Coriander 1 trees
  • 4 Ginger and onion Appropriate amount
  • 5 salt 2G
  • 6 sugar 2G
  • 7 Cooking wine 10ml
  • 8 soy sauce 3ml
  • 9 Vinegar 10ml
  • 10 Pepper 5g
  • 11 starch 3G
  • 12 Sesame oil 2 drops

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut beef slices, coriander slices, onion and ginger slices, and beat eggs.
    Sassafras vinegar
  • 2 Shallot, ginger, cooking wine, salt, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, starch mix a bowl of scutellaria;
    Sassafras vinegar
  • 3 Grab beef with water, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper and starch.
    Sassafras vinegar
  • 4 Cool oil in hot pot and simmer beef until 80% ripe.
    Sassafras vinegar
  • 5 Clean pot, scrambled eggs into a wooden Hibiscus shape;
    Sassafras vinegar
  • 6 Put the fried beef in the same stir-frying bowl, stir-fry evenly;
    Sassafras vinegar
  • 7 When the pot is out, the vinegar can be served on a plate.
    Sassafras vinegar

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