staple food

Sauced duck with plum sauce

Food Material List

  • 1 duck leg

Operational steps

  • 1 The duck leg is cleaned and dried with kitchen paper towel. According to the instructions, the duck leg is evenly covered with salt-baked chicken powder inside and outside. The duck leg is marinated overnight in the refrigerator.
  • 2 Boil water in the pot. After boiling water, steam the salted duck legs in water for 12-18 minutes and turn off the fire for 10 minutes (meat and duck elders should prolong the steaming time properly).
  • 3 Remove the leg of duck and cool it. Dry it with kitchen paper towel. Spread the old sauce evenly on the skin of duck several times.
  • 4 Put some oil in the pot until 70% hot. Carefully put the duck leg into the pot. Turn to a small fire. Pour the hot oil over the duck skin again and again until the duck skin is red and crisp. Drain the oil.
  • 5 Leave a little base oil in the pot, add some ice sugar, sauce and soup (water) to boil, put in the processed duck leg, boil over low heat until the soup is thick, then add a proper amount of lemon juice to season.


1: Salt-baked chicken powder can choose its favorite brand, the taste is generally very spicy, there are detailed dosage instructions on the packaging;
2: Steamed fish or steamed meat, when the steamer water boiled, and then on the drawer, can make the fish or meat suddenly encounter high temperature steam and immediately shrink, internal fresh juice does not flow out, locked nutrition does not lose, meat skin. It is also more lustrous;
3:To make the finished product red and beautiful, pay attention to wipe it once and then wipe it a little dry, repeat 3-5 times;
4:When the leg of duck is fried, the excess water should be wiped dry, otherwise the frying pan will be dried, it is better to use the method of pouring frying, the skin down is easy to fry paste, frying food please pay special attention to safety; 4: R>5: Salt-baked chicken flour and old sauce contain salt, generally without additional seasoning.

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