Cold Dishes

Sausage fried noodles

Food Material List

  • 1 Sausage 1 article
  • 2 Onion, carrot, green pepper, mushroom and onion flower Appropriate amount
  • 3 Lamian Noodles 1
  • 4 Soy sauce
  • 5 Old soy sauce
  • 6 salt
  • 7 sugar
  • 8 Oyster sauce
  • 9 Chicken essence
  • 10 Black pepper
  • 11 Cumin powder
  • 12 Old Godmother

Operational steps

  • 1 Sliced sausage, onion, carrot, mushroom, green pepper, noodles cooked in supercooled water, mix well with oil.
    Sausage fried noodles
  • 2 Stir-fry sausage in small or medium heat for one or two minutes, then stir-fry onion, carrot, mushroom and green pepper until broken. Put noodles into quick-fry, raw and old sauce, oyster oil, salt, sugar and water in advance into a bowl of juice, stir-fry evenly, turn off the heat, add chicken essence, black pepper, cumin powder, onion flower. Mix well with the old dry mother.
    Sausage fried noodles
  • 3 finished product
    Sausage fried noodles

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