Sauteed Green Beans fry meat

Food Material List

  • 1 Sauteed Green Beans 300g
  • 2 Pork 150g
  • 3 green pepper 4

Operational steps

  • 1 Shredded green pepper, cut green beans, cut pork and marinate.
  • 2 Pour the oil in the pan, stir-fry the cured pork shreds, add green pepper after 7 ripening, and put a little salt. Finally, add four beans and a bowl of water to boil, and add oyster sauce, a tablespoon of soybean paste and a little salt to season.
  • 3 When the medium water in the pot is dried, the fire can be turned off and the plate can be loaded.
    Sauteed Green Beans


Four beans must be cooked before they can be eaten, or they will be poisoned, so they need to be boiled for about five minutes.

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