staple food

Scrambled egg with yellow croaker seed

Buy five large yellow croaker dried fish, fish seeds have a small bowl, make full use of it

Food Material List

  • 1 Yellow croaker seed two or three
  • 2 Ducks egg Two

Operational steps

  • 1 Material ready
    Scrambled egg with
  • 2 Beat eggs, add a little Shaoxing wine, salt and scallions in the egg juice.
    Scrambled egg with
  • 3 Heat the pan with rapeseed oil, add ginger slices, saute onions and add fish seeds.
    Scrambled egg with
  • 4 Fry the fish seeds on both sides until brown. Crush them with a spatula. Add wine and stir-fry with salt.
    Scrambled egg with
  • 5 Add egg juice and stir-fry.
    Scrambled egg with

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