Scrambled Eggs with Bowl Beans and Rice

Food Material List

  • 1 Bean rice Half Jin
  • 2 Egg 3
  • 3 Little Red Pepper Four

Operational steps

  • 1 Half a kilo of soybean and rice, three eggs and four small red peppers
    Scrambled Eggs with
  • 2 Slices of small red pepper
    Scrambled Eggs with
  • 3 Pour proper amount of oil into the frying pan, heat it over high heat, pour in beaten eggs, fry well, and then put it in.
    Scrambled Eggs with
  • 4 Pour some oil into the pan. When the oil is 90% hot, stir-fry the small red pepper slightly. Then stir-fry the soybean and rice.
    Scrambled Eggs with
  • 5 Add some salt, chicken essence, pepper, a small amount of water, stir-fry well, until the water is dry, the color of soybean becomes darker, and then the pan can be served.
    Scrambled Eggs with


Vicia faba contains calcium, zinc, manganese and phospholipids, which are important components of regulating brain and nervous tissue. It is also rich in choline and has the effect of strengthening memory. Calcium in broad bean is beneficial to the absorption and calcification of calcium in bone, and can promote the growth and development of human skeleton. Faba bean is rich in protein content and does not contain cholesterol, which can improve the nutritional value of food and prevent cardiovascular disease. If youre a test taker or a brain worker, eating fava beans properly may have some effect. Vitamin C in broad bean can delay arteriosclerosis. Dietary fiber in broad bean skin can reduce cholesterol and promote intestinal peristalsis. Modern people also believe that faba bean is one of the anti-cancer foods, which can prevent intestinal cancer.
1. Old people, students during exams, mental workers, people with high cholesterol and constipation can eat more; < br > 2. People with deficiency of heat and cold shouldnt eat, and those who have had faba bean allergy must not eat any more.
3. Patients with hereditary erythrocyte deficiency, hemorrhoids, dyspepsia, chronic colitis, uremia and other patients should pay attention to the inappropriateness of eating broad bean < br > 4. Children are not easy to eat more broad bean and are prone to faba bean disease.
5. Faba beans and snails should not be eaten together.

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