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Seafood congee

Speaking of porridge, on the one hand, rice feeds on the other; on the other hand, people in the north are simple. What we drink are all stick noodles, millet porridge, rice porridge, and the more advanced one is Babao porridge… Porridge as the staple food, satiety is the first goal. Southerners are shrewd and have a delicate diet. The taste and materials of porridge soup surpass its essence. The most famous porridge is Cantonese porridge. There are hundreds of kinds of porridge, such as lean porridge with preserved eggs, fish porridge, seafood porridge and chicken porridge. Countless, amazing. In fact, our northern coastal areas, rich products are not inferior to others, may be due to personality, it seems that few people do seafood porridge, porridge, we have been drinking a variety of rice soup for thousands of years, because in most peoples minds, seafood, meat is a non-staple food, porridge is a staple food, they are clearly defined, can not be confused, No. For example, todays porridge has been unanimously despised by my family. My queen mother said that I wasted a pot of porridge and good materials. In fact, the porridge tastes good. You just cant accept new things.

Food Material List

  • 1 Buey de Mar One
  • 2 Shrimp 5 only
  • 3 bedin 5 only
  • 4 rice

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash the rice and put it in a casserole. Soak it in clear water for half a day. Mix it with a little salt and a few drops of fragrant oil.
    Seafood congee
  • 2 Clean crabs, uncover crab shells, remove gills and cut into small pieces. Clean fresh shrimps and pick out shrimp thread. Clean Bedding.
    Seafood congee
  • 3 Add 1 teaspoon of white wine and 1 teaspoon of salt, sprinkle with shredded onion and ginger, mix well, and marinate shrimp, crab and bedding for half an hour.
    Seafood congee
  • 4 Heat the casserole, turn the big fire to the small one, and boil the rice until it blossoms and sticks.
    Seafood congee
  • 5 Put the salted shrimp and crab into the pot, boil for another 10 minutes, then turn off the fire. Put the baiting into the pot 2 minutes before turning off the fire, and finally sprinkle some onion and ginger before leaving the pot.
    Seafood congee


1. Choose rice to cook porridge well. Among the rice I have eaten, the best one is the rice sent by relatives in Harbin. People buy it specially in Wuchang, which is 100 times better than the Wuchang rice bought in supermarket. Usually, our family mixes it with ordinary rice at 1:1, which is also very fragrant. So the best way to boil porridge is northeast rice, very fragrant ah < br > 2, boiling method is right, so that the taste of porridge is more brilliant: even at home, the usual boiling porridge should be soaked in rice beforehand, only when rice absorbs enough water, the porridge will be soft and glutinous, adding a little salt and fragrant oil, so that the taste of porridge is more delicious < br > 3, seafood must be fresh enough. Today, this crab has 672 feet. It is alive and jumping, and shrimp is also. Only fresh materials can make the most delicious porridge. Only when porridge is boiled to blossom can seafood be released. Bedding is finally released. Because Bedding is not fire-resistant, the cooking time will become yellowing and hardening, which will affect the taste < br >.

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