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Seafood Taste Soup

There are two weeks to move, and then four months to other cities, so the food that cant be put in the house needs to be disposed of quickly. So this Japanese-Korean mixed dish, miso-chili sauce soup, is very convenient and fast. People who have no experience in cooking have no pressure to do it.

Food Material List

  • 1 Frozen tofu or tender tofu Appropriate amount
  • 2 Dried mushroom Three
  • 3 Shallot One root
  • 4 Miso A tablespoon
  • 5 Oyster meat Three to four
  • 6 Shellfish meat Three to four pieces

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove oyster and shellfish from stock. Children who cant stand the smell of oysters can put a little cooking wine to get rid of the smell.
    Seafood Taste Soup
  • 2 Cut tofu into slices and mushroom into slices. Personally, I think the choice of tender tofu should be better than frozen tofu, but in order to deal with the tofu at home, we use frozen tofu instead.
    Seafood Taste Soup
  • 3 Boil the water in the pot and put the mushrooms and tofu in the mouth. When the water is boiled again, add oyster meat and shellfish. The meat is then put in order to prevent it from hardening when it is overcooked.
    Seafood Taste Soup
  • 4 Add 1 tablespoon of miso and 1/2 tablespoon of Korean chili sauce to the pot.
    Seafood Taste Soup
  • 5 I choose this brand of chili sauce. Personally, I dont think its sweet enough. We can choose the right hot sauce according to our preferences. In the process of boiling soup, try sweet and salty, add sugar and salt as appropriate.
    Seafood Taste Soup
  • 6 When the water is boiled again, the fire can be turned off in half a minute. Because the materials used are easy to ripen, it doesnt take much time. But you must mix the miso and chili sauce evenly. Sprinkle shallots on top of them and they will be ready to start
    Seafood Taste Soup
  • 7 What I do is a persons size, which is suitable for childrens shoes who like Japanese and Korean cuisine
    Seafood Taste Soup

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