Seaweed Nuts Sesame Dried Fish

I like to eat fish. Fish is rich in nutritional value. Fish is a good source of protein. Its protein content can reach 18%-20%, which is higher than that of meat, poultry, eggs and milk. It is easy to be digested, absorbed and utilized by human body. Fish protein contains eight essential amino acids which can not be synthesized in human body, and the proportion is balanced. Fish liver and fish oil are rich in vitamin A, D, vitamin B6, B12, nicotinic acid and biotin. Fish body is also rich in DHA to promote brain. Fish scales contain a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of trace minerals. Among them, calcium and phosphorus content are higher. Lecithin in fish can enhance human brain memory and delay cell aging. I prefer to eat dried fish, not only because the taste is delicious, chewing head, chewing more fragrant, but also dried fish is the best source of calcium.

Food Material List

  • 1 Dried fish
  • 2 Walnut kernel
  • 3 Peanut meat
  • 4 Cooked white sesame
  • 5 Seaweed

Operational steps

  • 1 [Baking process of seaweed nuts]:
    Peanuts are placed in a small dish and dripped with a small amount of cooking oil. Use chopsticks to mix peanuts and oil evenly. The < br /> saucer is placed in the microwave oven and heated at high temperature for 1 to 2 minutes until the peanuts are ripe and crisp. The < br /> walnut kernels are distributed in the tray of the microwave oven and heated at high temperature for 1 to 2 minutes until the walnut kernels are ripe and fragrant.
    Take a piece of seaweed and place it on the tray of the microwave oven. Heat it on high heat for 20 seconds until the seaweed becomes crisp.
    Remove the seaweed and cut it into filaments with kitchen scissors.
    Seaweed Nuts Sesame
  • 2 [Cleaning and baking of dried fish]:
    dried fish is placed in a container, water is added to the surface of dried fish, and soaked for about 30 minutes until the dried fish becomes soft.
    Hold the dried fish in your left hand and a toothpick in your right hand. Insert the toothpick into the abdomen of the dried fish. < br /> Gently scratch the toothpick at the fish head and pick out the viscera of the dried fish. < br /> all dried fish with viscera picked out. The dried fish < br /> were re-placed in the container. The dried fish were added with water but not dried. 1/2 teaspoon of liquor was added and soaked for 10 minutes.
    Hold the dried fish in the left hand and gently scrub the residual impurities in the abdomen of the fish with the thumb of the right hand. < br /> rinse the dried dried fish several times with cold water and drain the water. < br /> dried fish are distributed in the tray of microwave oven, and heated at high temperature for 3-5 minutes until dried fish become crisp and fragrant.
    Remove dried fish and set aside.
    Seaweed Nuts Sesame
  • 3 [frying process of dried fish]:
    put a small amount of cooking oil in the pot, and heat it to 4 degrees. < br /> put in dried fish, stir-fry with shovel evenly, so that the surface of dried fish is evenly covered with oil. < br /> put in baked peanut. < br /> put in the baked walnut kernels. Squeeze in < br /> about 1 tablespoon of honey. < br /> stir-fry with a spade for about 1 minute, so that all the ingredients are wrapped in honey. Place < br /> in the cut heddess.
    Add fried white sesame.
    Stir-fry evenly with a spade.
    Seaweed Nuts Sesame


[Wise Heart Experience and Experience]:
1. I use dried dried fish of sea dragonfly, or other kinds. The dried fish should be soaked in clear water until it becomes soft. At the same time, the salty taste of dried fish can be removed during the soaking process.
2. When the dried fish is soft, the viscera of the fish should be removed, otherwise the finished product will be bitter.
3. The dried fish were soaked in the mixture of clear water and liquor again, and liquor could remove the fishy smell of dried fish.
4. The dried fish should be rinsed off the residual impurities in the abdomen of the fish, otherwise the taste of the finished product will be affected.
5. All materials are baked in microwave oven, which can reduce the intake of edible oil and is more conducive to human health.
6. The baked food is stir-fried with a small amount of edible oil, which can prolong the storage time of the finished product and also enrich the taste of the finished product.
7. Dried fish itself has a salty taste. Seasoning does not need salt to add flavor to dried fish. It only needs honey to enrich the taste of finished products. Less oil and less salt is the essence of health.
The dried fish can be stored in a sealed tank and refrigerated in a refrigerator. When eaten, a small dish can be eaten.

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