Secret tomato and egg noodles

The dish I ate at my friends house the other day changed a little when I came back to cook it. This dish deserves to be called the next meal. Its a perfect match for rice and noodles. Because our family loves noodles, it is super delicious to make this kind of noodles with noodles. Every time we clean the dishes, we dont need to wash them.

Food Material List

  • 1 Tomatoes Two pieces
  • 2 Egg Four pieces
  • 3 Pepper Two roots
  • 4 Sausage Two roots

Operational steps

  • 1 This is a two-person serving. The amount of food in each serving of noodles is relatively large. So I used two tomatoes, two peppers, four eggs and two small sausages.
    Secret tomato and
  • 2 First, we cut the cross knife on the top of the tomato and put it in hot water for two or three minutes, so that the skin of the tomato can be easily removed.
    Secret tomato and
  • 3 Cut tomatoes into small pieces, slice sausages and peppers, and scatter eggs.
    Secret tomato and
  • 4 Put a little oil in the pan, pour in the eggs, stir-fry until golden and serve.
    Secret tomato and
  • 5 Add a little oil to the pan and stir-fry the prepared tomatoes, sausages and peppers in the pan.
    Secret tomato and
  • 6 Stir-fry the tomatoes until they are soft and rotten. Add a little sugar to neutralize the sour taste of the tomatoes. Add a little salt, sauce, oyster sauce and bean paste to season them.
    Secret tomato and
  • 7 Pour in fried eggs and add a little chicken essence.
    Secret tomato and
  • 8 Now lets start cooking noodles. I bought bags of ramen from supermarkets. Hand-rolled noodles sold in the market can also be used.
    Secret tomato and
  • 9 Put water in the pot and boil the noodles until they are a little bright. Dont boil them too long.
    Secret tomato and
  • 10 Put the fried tomato and egg on the noodles and mix them when eating. Well make the fragrant secret tomato and egg noodles.
    Secret tomato and


1. Make this noodle mix must use rough noodles, so that the noodles will be more strong and chewy.
2. In order to keep the taste of noodles better, we prepare a basin of cold water, boiled noodles in cold water for a while, preferably purified water or cool and white boiled, so that there will not be as many impurities as tap water.
3. Douban paste I use is Haitian soybean paste, this dish must be put in the bean paste yo, will make the dish have different delicious drops!

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