Self-made fish floss

The weather in Suzhou is very hot these days. The meat floss is out of stock at home. I dont know why Xiaobao liked to eat all kinds of meat floss from childhood. He put it in porridge, sushi and even used it to accompany his meal. Pork floss is also our local specialty, but since the exposure of dead pork as meat floss, various additives, no longer buy, or do their own safety bar! Just bought a 5 kg silver carp (Suzhou side is also called fat head fish), took one section, for the sake of health Xiaobao and family, Weiwei sweated thoroughly to complete the production of fish meat floss, watching the family enjoy healthy delicacies, that is, it is worthwhile to work even harder! In fact, the production of fish meat floss is very simple, as long as you have the intention, nothing cant be done.~~

Food Material List

  • 1 Middle segment of silver carp About 500 g

Operational steps

  • 1 Choose the middle section of fat head fish, go out the fat part of fin and belly, put some wine, ginger, onion, salt and marinate for 15 minutes, add fresh-keeping film, steamed in a high-pressure pot for 10 minutes.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 2 When the fish is out of the pot, take advantage of the heat to go out the skin and the dark red meat on the surface of the fish. Leave the excess water out of the fish and remove the bones after a little cold.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 3 Do not put a small amount of olive oil in the frying pan.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 4 Put it in a pot and stir it over gentle heat.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 5 Add a little fresh soy sauce and stir-fry.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 6 Quick-drying, add fried sesame.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 7 Stir-fry for 30 minutes or so, the water of fish is basically dried, sugar powder is added according to personal taste, and sugar can be used to crush what is not, I add very little, basically can not eat sweet taste, mainly plays a role of fresh suspension.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 8 The remaining temperature of the electric frying pan continues to bake the fish. When the body of the pan is basically cooled, the fish is golden and then poured into the fresh-keeping bag to cool thoroughly.
    Self-made fish floss
  • 9 Put it away in a small dry bottle and refrigerate it. Eat as you like.
    Self-made fish floss


You can choose the kind of fish you like, head and tail and fins.
Be sure to remove the skin and steamed dark red fish, or it will not smell fishy.
Dont fry too much after fire to avoid scorching.
In the process of fish frying, we should constantly stir-fry and grind the fish with a shovel, which is more conducive to the crispness of the fish. Time is controlled by the amount of fish.
Dont do too much at a time. Keep it fresh.
Xiaobao belongs to infancy, but also can be crushed with food processor, adding a proper amount of fried pea powder will be more fragrant, but also conducive to the digestion of baby.
Babies consume less salt and fresh soy sauce, or do not add it.

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