Self-made peel, hawthorn roll.

My son loves Hawthorn rolls very much, so do it yourself.

Food Material List

  • 1 Hawthorn Some
  • 2 sugar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Choose fresh hawthorn, wash it, steam it in a steamer (stick it with chopsticks, its easy to penetrate it), and remove the core. Add granulated sugar and crush. The reason for steaming is to boil sauce later. And the steamed Hawthorn can be frozen in the refrigerator. It can be taken out at any time, not affected by the season. Hawthorn rolls can also be made in winter.
    Self-made peel, hawthorn
  • 2 Add ice sugar, depending on your taste. Place in stainless steel non-stick pan. Firstly, the big fire burns, then the small one boils. In the process of mixing, or it is easy to paste. Boil until sticky. The spoon was scratched, with obvious texture. (Okay, Im lazy here again, pour into the bread machine, direct jam function.)
    Self-made peel, hawthorn
  • 3 Pour it into the baking pan and smooth it. Dont be too thick. Its not easy to dry. (Use an Acid-Corroded baking tray.)
    Self-made peel, hawthorn
  • 4 Put it in the oven, 100 degrees, 120 minutes, because the thickness of the wipe must be different, you can bake for a while, have a look, and then bake. Volume.
    Self-made peel, hawthorn
  • 5 Cut and box. Cold storage.
    Self-made peel, hawthorn

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