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Shrimp Ball with Sichuan Juice

Food Material List

  • 1 Medium-sized fresh shrimp 500g

Operational steps

  • 1 Fresh shrimp head, shell, only tail part, with a knife tip or toothpick to remove the shrimp intestines, with a knife cut from the back of shrimp 2/3, take out the shrimp line.
  • 2 Open a mouth 0.5 cm away from the head and pass the tail of the shrimp to make a shrimp ball (if you are in trouble, dont wear it, just finish processing the shrimp thread on the back). The purpose of making the shrimp ball is to make the dish more beautiful and the shrimp can sit in the dish as a ball.
  • 3 Marinate the processed shrimp balls with liquor and white pepper and starch for 10 minutes.
  • 4 Heat the pan, pour enough oil (can last shrimp balls), heat to 6 (hands on the oil can clearly feel the temperature), put shrimp balls, deep-fried shrimp balls discolored, then fish out, drain the oil to be used.
  • 5 Leave 3 tablespoons of oil in the pan (fried shrimp oil filtered and used to mix vegetables are fragrant), add chopped Pixian bean paste and ginger, onion, garlic, stir-fry, stir-fry red oil, add tomato sauce, soy sauce, sugar and stir-fry.
  • 6 Add the fried shrimp balls and let them evenly wrap in the sauce.
  • 7 Stir-fry with 1 teaspoon water and starch, add 1 teaspoon oil, stir-fry well and serve on a plate.

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