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Shrimp in large pot

These two days received a lot of delicious and interesting gifts, as well as a large box of giant fresh wild Arctic shrimp, watching the red flutter is my appetite, eating seafood I have always had a belief to be able to eat delicious, addicted, before leaving the table, so a large basin of Arctic shrimp to relieve the hunger.

Food Material List

  • 1 Wild Arctic shrimp

Operational steps

  • 1 Shredded scallion and red pepper
    Shrimp in large
  • 2 Heat up the pan and stir-fry the oil with scallions. Put in the red pepper ring. Pour in Sichuan red sauce and chili sauce. Stir-fry the oil with small fire and stir-fry the fragrance to make the red oil.
    Shrimp in large
  • 3 Add a large bowl of hot water after the red oil spills. Boil and add the sauce, pepper and sugar to make a red soup.
    Shrimp in large
  • 4 Place naturally thawed Arctic shrimp
    Shrimp in large
  • 5 Turn off the fire. The more soaked long Arctic shrimp tastes, the better it tastes.
    Shrimp in large
  • 6 My experience is to make it in a casserole at noon, cover it and soak it till evening, then eat it after a little heating. Its called a spicy taste.
    Shrimp in large


Tips for cooking wild Arctic shrimp:
Wild Arctic shrimp is cooked in fresh seawater immediately after fishing and frozen at minus 30 degrees, so wild Arctic shrimp can be thawed and eaten immediately.
When thawing, take Arctic shrimp out of the refrigerator. It can also be thawed naturally at room temperature. Do not thaw in water, especially in hot water. Because that would make Arctic shrimp lose its original delicious taste. When the temperature is high in summer, do not thaw directly at room temperature. It can be thawed slowly in a 0-4 degree fresh-keeping cabinet. This will maximize the taste and freshness of Arctic shrimp.
Thawed Arctic shrimp, if eaten raw, should be washed with pure water or mineral water before eating, which is more hygienic. Raw Arctic shrimp can be eaten either directly or dipped in Japanese mustard and soy sauce.
Arctic shrimp is suitable for making various salads. Arctic shrimp is a very good combination with various fruits and vegetables. Arctic shrimp is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins in fruits and vegetables. It is very nutritious, healthy and delicious to eat together.

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