Shrimp with oyster sauce

Food Material List

  • 1 Taiwanese shrimp 82
  • 2 Celery Half Jin
  • 3 Rice cake

Operational steps

  • 1 First cut the shrimp whiskers and wash the celery. Then wash and cut the celery roots.
  • 2 Boil boiling water for boiling New Years Cake first, then pour celery into it and pick it up immediately, then use cool water for reserve.
  • 3 Stir-fry ginger, garlic, chilli and chilli in a frying pan until Taiwanese shrimp is discolored and wine is added. Soy sauce and oyster sauce are cooked for five minutes.
  • 4 Finally, pour in celery cake, stir-fry several times, add onions, a bowl of fresh oyster sauce shrimp can be out of the pot.

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