Northeast Cuisine

Shuffley cheese cake

18cm circular die

Food Material List

  • 1 Cream cheese 300g
  • 2 butter 45g
  • 3 Yolk 57g
  • 4 Granulated sugar 20g
  • 5 corn starch 11g
  • 6 milk 150g
  • 7 protein 95g
  • 8 Granulated sugar 55g

Operational steps

  • 1 The butter melts in water. The protein is frozen until the surrounding ice is a little thin. The cornmeal is sifted. The mould is covered with baking paper. The oven is preheated 180 degrees.
  • 2 Cream cheese is softened in a microwave oven, about 36 degrees, and then beaten in a bowl with melted butter. It doesnt matter if its a little separated.
  • 3 Stir in egg yolk and sugar in another bowl and add cornmeal to mix evenly.
  • 4 Add boiled milk to 3 bowls and stir quickly. Place the bowl in boiling water. Stir the egg paste quickly with a mixer until it is sticky and leave the hot water immediately.
  • 5 Pour 4 into 2 basins while hot and stir well.
  • 6 Cover 5 with a hot towel dried by a strand.
  • 7 Put a little sugar in the protein and whisk it for 2 minutes at medium speed. Dont overdo it.
  • 8 The remaining sugar is added into the protein twice. For the first time, the protein is stirred at a low speed for 30 seconds. For the second time, the protein is stirred slowly in a circle. The extracted protein is glossy, and the sharp point drops to OK. More delicate than Qifengs protein
  • 9 Mix 1/4 of 8 in 6 from bottom to top
  • 10 Add all the remaining proteins into 9 and stir well.
  • 11 After moulding, hot water is injected into the baking tray (if it is a movable bottom, wrap it in tin paper, or use a cake rack on the baking tray with hot water, or in a happy way, use a pizza round mold to put the movable bottom mold on the baking tray, and then put it in the baking tray)


Focus! When the temperature of 170 degree oven is lowered to 160 degree after 15 minutes, the cake will expand and crack. It doesnt matter. Because the oven has different temper, turn off the fire immediately after coloring, dont overcook, and then dont take it out of the oven immediately. Let it stay in the oven quietly for more than 60 minutes. You will find that the cake shrinks down. Go, then take out the cooling, wrap the moulds together, put the film in the refrigerator and refrigerate for one night

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