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Sister Beckhams Slim Plus Meal-Chickpea Paste

Over the past decade, chickpeas have gained worldwide popularity, and celebrities have been using this treasure for a long time. For example, Bessie, who has four children, has her own fashion empire, keeps a devils figure and vigor! Explore her recipe and youll find that Mrs. Beckhams afternoon meal is just chickpea mashed with carrots! Chickpeas are nutritious and cant be said. First, remember the following two figures: 1. Chickpeas are rich in more than 28% protein, and legumes are the highest, twice as much as oats. There are eight kinds of amino acids in chickpea which are necessary for human body and can not be synthesized by human body. Chickpeas serve very well, mixing salad, boiling porridge, boiling soup, making sandwiches… so that delicious cuisine has a three-dimensional sense and richer nutrition.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chickpea 1 cups
  • 2 Sesame paste 2 tablespoons
  • 3 lemon Half
  • 4 garlic 1 valves
  • 5 Olive oil 2 tablespoons

Operational steps

  • 1 After soaking the dried chickpeas for one night, cook them for more than half an hour until they are soft, until they can be easily crushed by hand.
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  • 2 Put chickpeas in the food processor, add sesame sauce, lemon juice, garlic and cumin powder, and crush them initially. Then add olive oil and continue beating.
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  • 3 Add boiled chickpea water and continue beating until smooth. Add salt to adjust the taste.
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  • 4 Put the chickpea puree in a bowl or plate, pour a little olive oil, put your favorite spices and herbs, such as chili powder, shallots, coriander, celery, etc., with vegetables, pasta, etc.
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