a dish that goes with liquor

Sliced Boiled Pork with Garlic Sauce

Theres no swing at home. Just cook a little more, marinate a little more, spend a little more time, traditional dishes will also have a new taste.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fleshy hind legs 250g
  • 2 Lettuce One root slightly larger than 200g
  • 3 Mashed garlic 30 g 2 spoon
  • 4 Shallot 50 g cut into flowers and half of the rice bowl
  • 5 ginger 3G half mahjong size
  • 6 Soy sauce 15 ml 3 spoons
  • 7 Vinegar 5 ml 1 spoon
  • 8 Sugar 5 g 0.5 spoon
  • 9 Red oil 50 ml 10 spoons
  • 10 Pepper powder or oil 2g 2 teaspoon or 5ml 1 teaspoon

Operational steps

  • 1 Slice lettuce, sprinkle 1g/1/2 teaspoon salt (not in recipe dosage), and marinate for 40 minutes.
    Sliced Boiled Pork
  • 2 Boil water in the pot, put a piece of crushed ginger, and put pork into the pot. Cook over low heat for 40 minutes after boiling.
    Sliced Boiled Pork
  • 3 Cool and cut into 2 mm thick slices.
    Sliced Boiled Pork
  • 4 Meat slices, onion, ginger, garlic, and all other seasonings are added and blended.
    Sliced Boiled Pork
  • 5 Squeeze the cured lettuce slices into dry water and lay the bottom on the plate.
    Sliced Boiled Pork
  • 6 Mixed slices of meat are placed on lettuce slices.
    Sliced Boiled Pork

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