Small Hand Making Soup – A Kids Common Prescription for Strengthening Spleen and Nourishing Stomach – Peanut and Rice Mixed with Celery

Xiaoxiao TCM said: Normal babies are full of vigor and blood, vigor, good growth and development, coordination of Yin and Yang, but many children give priority to the day after day and acquired factors, Yin and Yang are not completely balanced, there can be a situation of partial prosperity and decline, dietary care should be carried out according to TCM differentiation of symptoms and signs. According to the physiological characteristics of babies, such as delicate viscera, insufficient shape and qi, vigorous growth and rapid development, we should give priority to nourishment. We should choose food with full color, fragrance and excellent taste. The steps are simple and suitable for babies to cook for parents.

Food Material List

  • 1 Peeled peanut kernels
  • 2 Celery

Operational steps

  • 1 Choose the celery root and scoop it out in a boiling pot. Cool it with cold water to control the water.
    Small Hand Making
  • 2 Celery cut into 3 cm long segments
    Small Hand Making
  • 3 Heat salad oil in frying pan
    Small Hand Making
  • 4 Fried crispy peanut kernels
    Small Hand Making
  • 5 Put celery and peanut kernels in a basin together. Mix salt, sugar, vinegar and pepper oil in a small bowl. Pour them in a plate and mix well.
    Small Hand Making


The procedure is simple and suitable for babies to eat for parents

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