Private dishes

Sour cowpea with minced meat

Food Material List

  • 1 Sour beans
  • 2 Minced meat

Operational steps

  • 1 Soak cowpea and chop meat into minced meat. Slice garlic and set aside.
    Sour cowpea with
  • 2 Put a small amount of cooking oil in the pot, put in a few peppers, and when the oil is hot, remove the peppers and discard them. Then add garlic slices and dried chili peppers, and stir-fry the minced meat.
    Sour cowpea with
  • 3 Stir-fry the sour cowpea. The sour cowpea tastes good enough, so the dish needs no salt.
    Sour cowpea with
  • 4 Finally, put in the chicken essence pot.
    Sour cowpea with


Sour cowpeas are also sold in supermarkets that I made myself. This is Sichuan pickles. See http: Cookbook 366040.html
for details. Wash and dry cowpeas. (You can sun them a little.) Ten or so beans are wrapped around each other and put in a pickle jar. They can be picked up and fried in a day or two, or just here. Samples are also delicious, you can also stew old duck soup.
When stir-frying, you can add some fresh cowpea, red pepper, green pepper and so on. The color of stir-frying is very good.

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