Soybean milk cake

The mornings soybean milk did not finish, thinking of the online soybean milk bread and cake approach, so I searched and picked out two simple made, one is soybean milk white toast, the other is the small cake. The finished product is delicate in texture and has a strong taste of soybean milk at the entrance. Its really a surprise! The original recipe is Celery Madeleine Soybean Milk. There are 30 grams of almond powder in it. I dont have it. Instead of almond powder, low powder is used. The original sugar is 80 grams. I think its too sweet. I only use 40 grams.

Food Material List

  • 1 Low gluten powder 130g
  • 2 Egg 2
  • 3 Berry sugar 40g
  • 4 Corn oil 100g
  • 5 Soybean Milk 30ml

Operational steps

  • 1 Eggs, soybean milk, corn oil and sugar are mixed evenly. Starch and baking powder are sifted and mixed with liquid. When mixing, cross-stir irregularly with a rubber scraper.
    Soybean milk cake
  • 2 Put a food bag into a slightly larger cup, pour in the mixed batter, lift the bag and poke out the air, pull the bag well, so as not to leak out of the bag when squeezing the batter.
    Soybean milk cake
  • 3 Cut the corner of the food bag into a mouth about one centimeter in diameter.
    Soybean milk cake
  • 4 The batter is squeezed into a non-sticky die and is seven cents full. If it is not non-stick mold, oil and powder in advance.
    Soybean milk cake
  • 5 Small paper dies can also be used without connecting dies.
    Soybean milk cake
  • 6 Feed into the 200 degree preheated oven, about 15 minutes, different models should pay attention to adjusting time, generally baked to the surface golden, toothpick insertion without sticky matter can be taken out.
    Soybean milk cake

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