Spaghetti Sauce – Original Basic Edition

The main reason why pasta tastes good is the sauce taste. A can of tomato paste and dried basil leaves is not cheap in the import supermarket. If it is fresh in the domestic market, it is not easy to buy, and it grows slowly, other condiments are easy to buy. If you want to make a good taste, please strictly follow the ingredients. The basic version of the original taste will be widely used after learning. Adding some other ingredients can be turned into pizza sauce, potato chips sauce and so on.

Food Material List

  • 1 tomato 750g
  • 2 onion 100g
  • 3 garlic 1 pieces
  • 4 Tomato paste 170g
  • 5 Fresh Basil dried basil leaves 20 tablets 2G
  • 6 sea salt 5g
  • 7 ground black pepper 2G
  • 8 Pressed olive oil 20ml

Operational steps

  • 1 Master Material Collection
    Spaghetti Sauce -
  • 2 First, boil a pot of water, wash the tomatoes and remove the pedicles. Then cut the cross knife with the knife and put it in the boiling pot. Then boil for a minute and turn off the fire. At this time, peel the tomatoes with a clamp or spoon and cut them into small pieces.
    Spaghetti Sauce -
  • 3 Dice onions, garlic, basil leaves and wash them before they are used. Cut them in advance and blacken them. Stir-fry onions in hot pot with olive oil. Then cut all the tomatoes and mix them quickly with spoon. At this time, the sauce is also thick grained.
    Spaghetti Sauce -
  • 4 Turn down the heat and put in tomato paste, garlic powder and cut basil leaves.
    Spaghetti Sauce -
  • 5 Hand-held mixer is needed to help, quickly mix the tomatoes into a smooth mud. Fire can not be too big, tomato sauce production process will splash, be careful hot hands oh!
    Spaghetti Sauce -
  • 6 Finally, add salt, black pepper and cool it down. Ready-to-eat, if you want to bottle preservation, please do not put salt, when the time comes, add salt oh! Please use up the refrigerators within 5 days if they are cooled.
    Spaghetti Sauce -

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