Spareribs with brown sauce

Braised pork ribs is a classic dish. Personally, I prefer stewed pork ribs with all kinds of ingredients and from the point of view of health and nutrition, but occasionally braised pork ribs are also very good. Clear soup is completely two senses that are appropriate to give us a bit of heavy taste.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fine row A Jin
  • 2 Mushrooms Eight
  • 3 Green Chinese onion Half root
  • 4 ginger A block
  • 5 Garlic Eight grains
  • 6 soy sauce Appropriate amount
  • 7 Old soy sauce Few
  • 8 Dry pepper Ten (according to personal preferences)
  • 9 Crystal sugar Eight
  • 10 Big batch One piece
  • 11 cinnamon Small paragraph
  • 12 Fragrant leaf Two tablets

Operational steps

  • 1 Rinse the spare ribs with water, then reserve the scallions, ginger, sliced garlic, cut off the dried chilli, and then rinse the mushrooms with water.
  • 2 Hot pot soy sauce, add appropriate amount of ice sugar, stir-fry sugar, add scallion, ginger, garlic, dried chilli, cinnamon and spicy leaves to stir-fry at about the same time, add a little cooking wine, soy sauce consumption and a little old sauce, stir-fry over high heat for two minutes, add cold boiling water, water without pork ribs, and pour mushrooms into the pot at the same time. After boiling the fire, simmer for two hours and then collect the juice.
    Spareribs with brown

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