Spicy chicken

Food Material List

  • 1 Drumsticks Three
  • 2 oil moderate

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut the chicken leg to a proper size. No bones need to be removed. Put the cooking wine in. Five spices powder. Half an hour of salt development. Onion, ginger. Spicy skin. Appropriate amount of garlic
    Spicy chicken
  • 2 Fried and cured chicken leg in hot oil pan. Its better to fry it dry. About 15 minutes.
    Spicy chicken
  • 3 Leave about half a bowl of oil to prepare the onions. Ginger. Garlic. Stir-fry hot peel. Add sugar and stir-fry until the oil changes color. It smells good.
    Spicy chicken
  • 4 Pour in fried chicken nuggets. Put the chicken into the pot.
    Spicy chicken


We must fry the chicken nuggets until they are ripe. It tastes good to dry a little. White sesame can be put as appropriate.

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