Western-style food

Spicy Peanut Supermarket Edition

Self-made simple delicious spicy peanuts, cleaner than supermarkets, rest assured, taste like supermarkets!

Food Material List

  • 1 peanut
  • 2 Pepper
  • 3 Sichuan Pepper
  • 4 Hemp material

Operational steps

  • 1 Take the peeled fried peanuts and peel them. Cut the peeled peppers and set aside.
    Spicy Peanut Supermarket
  • 2 Cut Chaotian pepper into sections. Turn off the heat after oil is hot. Put in the pepper to heat evenly.
    Spicy Peanut Supermarket
  • 3 Cool oil in the pot into pepper and pepper, then into the pepper, peanuts stir-fried, peanuts yellowish into a little sugar, turn off the fire and salt, the pot will be more fragrant and crisp after a little tightness.
    Spicy Peanut Supermarket
  • 4 Because the sudden fantasy made such a dish process did not shoot, did not expect that the taste is excellent! Recommended to share O ()
    Spicy Peanut Supermarket
  • 5 Chili pepper can be heated in advance, pepper pepper into the pot after chili pepper, peanuts, taste good!


Its so simple that anyone can do it,

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