Cold Dishes

Spring Rolls

This is a famous place in Anqing, Anhui Province. Breakfast with spring rolls, absolutely!

Food Material List

  • 1 200 g minced meat
  • 2 Eggs 3
  • 3 100 g leek
  • 4 Some Auricularia auricula
  • 5 Some fans

Operational steps

  • 1 The pan is heated and oiled. First, add the minced meat and stir-fry the excess fat. Add raw soy sauce, a spoonful of cooking wine, a few drops of old soy sauce, then break eggs and black fungus, stir-fry for a while and add vermicelli and red pepper. Finally, mix leek with salt and chicken essence.
    Spring Rolls
  • 2 Heat the frying pan with oil, put in the wrapped spring rolls and fry them over a small fire.
    Spring Rolls
  • 3 The finished product is so attractive.
    Spring Rolls
  • 4 Its delicious. Breakfast is super enjoyable.
    Spring Rolls

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