Squirrel bass

Its always just squirrel and cinnamon. Today I bought a bass to do it. It feels good.

Food Material List

  • 1 Perch About 600 g
  • 2 shredded ginger Few
  • 3 corn starch About 200 g
  • 4 Cooking wine 15ml
  • 5 salt 1g
  • 6 sugar 5g
  • 7 Ketchup 100g

Operational steps

  • 1 First cut off the head of the fish, with a knife along the spine to open one side of the fish slices, tail is not cut off, and then turn the flakes to open the other side of the fish.
    Squirrel bass
  • 2 Cut off the middle spine, cut the fish on both sides into diagonal knives until the skin is cut, but not the skin. A little ginger, 15 ml of cooking wine and 1 g salt are put into the fish and marinated for about 15 minutes.
    Squirrel bass
  • 3 After pickling, remove the ginger shreds, lift the fish and pat on the corn starch, then shake off the flour.
    Squirrel bass
  • 4 Pour some vegetable oil into the pan and boil. Put the fish into a moderate heat after shaping slightly.
    Squirrel bass
  • 5 After three or four minutes of frying, the fish can be fully shaped and the fish head and the middle bone can be fried in the pot. After frying, the fish can be put into the pot again and fried for a short time with a small heat.
    Squirrel bass
  • 6 Pour 100g ketchup and 5g sugar into the pot, add about 50ml of water, boil and sprinkle on the fish.
    Squirrel bass

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