Steamed crucian carp with soybean sauce

Every time the crucian carp comes back from fishing, they are mostly boiled soup or fried, and they feel a little tired. Such a delicious pure wild crucian carp has not been brought into full play. My wife and children will never abandon me to go fishing after eating it. Every time they come back, they will ask if there is any big crucian carp that can be steamed, and the soybean sauce is not sold in the supermarket, which is usual. The common soybean fermented and dried at home is a perfect combination of the two flavors, which is absolutely the perfect combination of rice and wine.

Food Material List

  • 1 Crucian carp Appropriate amount (by number)
  • 2 Fermented soya bean Three scoops

Operational steps

  • 1 The result of overnight fishing
    Steamed crucian carp
  • 2 Wash and change the knife to enlarge the basin
    Steamed crucian carp
  • 3 This is the key. We can use boiling water to boil soybean sauce, soybean sauce, soybean sauce, soybean sauce, soybean sauce, soybean sauce, soybean sauce, soybean sauce, soybean sauce and soybean sauce.
    Steamed crucian carp
  • 4 Soak the soybean sauce and pour it into a large pot of liquor. Mix the fish and marinate for half an hour. Then set the table. I made ten people, so it was more.
    Steamed crucian carp
  • 5 Steam on fire for 10 minutes and spread shredded onions and ginger
    Steamed crucian carp
  • 6 Heat oil in frying pan and pour into shredded scallions and ginger. Serve.
    Steamed crucian carp

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