steamed sea bass

Memory left in Grandma at that time, every day always eat fish and fish, fish or vegetables have not seen pork to eat, sensible only know that poor money can not afford to eat, can only go to the river to catch some small fish to eat, at that time the river is much clearer than now, the water is sweet and dirty, so living by the river Grandma eat fish for a living. I also live in my grandmothers house from childhood to adulthood. Today, the steamed fish is very light without anything else. A friend who likes it can come!

Food Material List

  • 1 Perch 1 article

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut onion, ginger, and carrots. Its strange that people ask why they put carrots. Its not surprising to say that carrots themselves have a lot of vitamins, too nutritious things to eat. Most importantly, I cut the carrots into strips about 2 cm wide to cover the bottom. This kind of steaming can not only control the time of steaming fish, but also save gas, killing two birds with one stone.^^
  • 2 I didnt take the picture, but we all know how to cut the fish. Wash the fish with a knife and cut two knives on the fish, then gently cut it, so that it can absorb the taste quickly and ripen quickly, without bothering, remember that both sides are like this, about 6 to 8 cm can be cut.
  • 3 To come to the process of steaming, first put sugar, salt, cooking wine properly, fish is fishy, so I like to put cooking wine, some people say do not like to put, can, can put ginger shredded can also replace cooking wine, carrot mat bottom do not forget, materials put, vegetables about 10 points can be eaten. Dont forget to put some onions in it. Its very fragrant.
  • 4 When the fish is cooked, its sweet to eat immediately. When its cold, its gone!


When the steaming process is mastered, overcooked fish tastes different! Mastering time is also a skill.

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