Stewed Big Fresh Water Crab

Ive always appreciated the first crab eaters and the courage and wisdom they showed. Chinese people have a crab-eating tradition since ancient times. From the eight crabs, we can see that Chinese people attach great importance to crab-eating. In foreign countries for many years, the only thing I care about is this delicious taste. In China, hairy crabs are the freshest. The crabs practice has its own characteristics in the north and the south. But I think steamed crab can best reflect the freshness of hairy crab. Seemingly simple cooking techniques, if you want to show the top taste, then in the process of cooking ingredients will inevitably require a lot of effort. Next I will introduce this steamed crab in detail.

Food Material List

  • 1 Hairy crabs 8 only

Operational steps

  • 1 When choosing hairy crab, we should choose crab shell with bright color, luster and dark green color. As the saying goes, “September umbilicus October tip” means the best female crab in September of the lunar calendar, and the male crab in October of the lunar calendar.
    Stewed Big Fresh
  • 2 The male and female hairy crabs are distinguished by their navels. The sharp shape is the male crab (the upper two on the left) and the round shape is the female crab (the lower two on the left). Todays purchase is to tie the rope, if you buy is not the rope before steaming, the specific method is to first close the side legs, grip, tie around three circles of tie, and finally a cross tie under the belly button.
    Stewed Big Fresh
  • 3 The hairy crab is washed with a small brush and put on the steamer plate. It is suggested that the hairy crab be put on the opposite side, so that it is not easy to leak yellow. You can also put perilla leaves and ginger slices in the dish to detoxify crabs and reduce their cold.
    Stewed Big Fresh
  • 4 Put it in the steaming oven and choose Panasonic Steam Ovens automatic menu “Steamed Crab”. If you use ordinary steaming pot, youd better use cold water steaming, so that the leg of hairy crab will not break after steaming.
    Stewed Big Fresh
  • 5 Finally, you can start to enjoy delicious hairy crabs by unpacking the bundles and making sauce with ginger and vinegar.
    Stewed Big Fresh

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