Stir-fried gluten with celery

A very refreshing dish, there was no carrot in the ingredients, but Laobao came to a fried rice and left some carrot head, cut it and put it away! As a result, the dish added a color.~~~~~~~~~~

Food Material List

  • 1 Medicinal celery 400g
  • 2 Water gluten 280g

Operational steps

  • 1 Basic ingredients.
    Stir-fried gluten with
  • 2 Wash all ingredients and cut chillies into chillies. Slice a little carrot < br />. < br /> water gluten half-cut, and then sliced.
    Celery was cut into suitable segments.
    Stir-fried gluten with
  • 3 Add a proper amount to the oil pan. First, add chili pepper and fragrance.
    Stir-fried gluten with
  • 4 Stir in 2 ingredients until soft.
    Stir-fried gluten with
  • 5 Turn off the fire and add some condiments to the dish according to your taste.
    Stir-fried gluten with


The celery on this side of Suzhou includes medicinal celery, commonly known as dry celery, water celery and celery.
Celery leaves are also very nutritious, slightly removed some of the old leaves, you can enter the vegetables.

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