Cold Dishes

Stir-fried hemp leaves with ginger, shredded garlic and minced garlic

Now this season is the best season to eat hemp leaves. When I was a child, my grandmother would peel several sweet potatoes, then cut the hemp leaves and put some salt in it to cook with a little baking soda. Its sticky and tasty. It also has the effect of preventing heat.

Food Material List

  • 1 Ginger a little, garlic a little, hemp leaf a dish (about half a kilogram)

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash the hemp leaves and dry them.
    Stir-fried hemp leaves
  • 2 Shredded garlic and ginger
    Stir-fried hemp leaves
  • 3 Put oil, garlic, ginger and shredded ginger in the pot, stir-fry the hemp leaves, add salt and chicken essence to season, stir-fry until cooked. The hemp leaves and lettuce are almost easy to cook, and can not be stir-fried for too long.
    Stir-fried hemp leaves

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