Stir-fried Jielan with preserved flavor

Food Material List

  • 1 Jielan vegetable 1 jin
  • 2 Cantonese Bacon Half
  • 3 Cantonese sausage 4 article
  • 4 minced garlic Few
  • 5 Peanut oil Appropriate amount
  • 6 salt Appropriate amount
  • 7 Oyster sauce Appropriate amount
  • 8 Soy sauce Appropriate amount
  • 9 Raw meal Appropriate amount
  • 10 chicken powder Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 First, put the bought broccoli vegetable in water for one hour. When soaking, dont forget to add a few spoons of salt to the water, because it can remove the residual harmful substances.
  • 2 Then cut the sausage and bacon into small pieces for use.
  • 3 Rinse and cut the soaked vegetable into small pieces. Then rinse it with boiling water and put it into water for later use.
  • 4 Stir-fry peanut oil and garlic in a pot for a few seconds, then add the chopped curd flavor to the pot and stir-fry for two minutes. Stir-fry the vegetable and chicken powder for another two minutes.
  • 5 Finally, put oyster sauce extract powder together, put a little water in the dish, stir-fry for a few seconds, and you can finish cooking.

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