Stir-fried oil residue of soybean sauce and garlic

Xinlan was very delicious when he was a child. He would like to eat some bricks and millet to catch birds in the forest, but every time he forgot the time and did not write his homework, he could not avoid the teachers blame. He would like to swim in the water, wearing shorts and carrying a bucket to the river to fish, but every time he came home wet, he would have to kneel on the washboard; he would like to eat on the ground. Runners secretly took Uncle Yuans shotgun to fight in the ditch. As a result, every time they came home with game, they would inevitably have a “bamboo shoot fried meat”… But Xinlan still enjoys it, and forgets the pain. I remember that the sky was blue, the water was sweet, the fish were plentiful, and the people were pure. At that time, the family was eating lard. Every time the family made lard, there would be a by-product – oil residue. Fat meat into the “Hell of Fire” to squeeze their white flesh, the remaining residue is so covetous. It is golden, fragrant, crisp, perfect color art double repair, let me salivate. Oil residue cooking is absolutely omnipotent, making soup, stir-fry, steamed buns… There are many kinds of delicious things, which can be described in a poem. Xinlan thinks that “its always appropriate to wear heavy makeup and light makeup”. Oil-dregs steamed buns, fragrant skin, crisp fillings, such a perfect ** good, like love of men and women, Flowing Clouds and water, let people enjoy endless aftertaste. Oil dregs and green vegetable soup, with its beautiful static picture and mellow taste, corresponds to Bai Juyis “Twilight River Yin” saying: “A remnant sun paves the water, half a river rushes and half a river is red”, and the remnant sun is clear water, which makes people relaxed and happy. Xinlans favorite food is stir-fried soybean sauce and garlic residue. In Xinlans view, this is not a dish. Its too secular. Its an impressionist masters still life sketch, green garlic leaves, golden oil residue, red hot pepper, black soybean sauce. Its so natural, but it transmits a touching beauty and makes people happy. Cant bear to destroy, but cant contain the impulse of eating under the stomach. Just like enjoying a famous painting, without any praise, everything is superfluous, you just follow the painters brush to feel, go straight to the theme. A little salt, without any seasoning, the unique mellow fragrance of oil residue diffuses at the tip of the tongue, with the sauce, garlic and spicy fragrance, a taste that can melt the soul, surrounds the heart blue, is a special thing, is the best. Bai Juyi has the poem “Hot Spring Water Slips, Washes and Coagulates Fat”. I think Mr. Bai must have survived lard too. People who have no life experience will never use the word “congealed fat” to describe Yang Dameis fat body… At the same time, I feel a slight regret. Why didnt Master Bai leave a song of praise for the grease dregs? Its a pity that its so delicious. Now, the quality of life has improved. Under the guidance of the media, we are pursuing the so-called health preservation. Lard has faded out of the kitchen, cheap salad blending and noble olive butter filling our stomach and intestines. Xin Lan agrees with Professor Ximu that lard is healthy. Xin Lan has a shadow on gutter oil, trans fatty acid and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Xin Lans stomach is not so corrosive. Oil dregs, but also fade out of our lives, almost abandoned in the corners of history, full of dust. Even occasionally by such backward elements as Xinlan turned up, put on the table, will be sniffed, drowned in the glory of Australian dragon, abalone, alone sad. Just like our faded memories, like the innocence we once had, we were left behind. Once upon a time, we sang, “I found a penny on the street and handed it to my uncle in the hands of the police.” Once upon a time, when we saw an old man fall, we would not hesitate to lift her up and never retreat; once upon a time, when we met a robber, we would stand up reflectively and never be timid; once upon a time, we were the same. Eat a box of meals, drink a glass of wine, smoke a cigarette, never abandon… These innocence, these bravery, these memories, have sunk in the vat of reality, have gone with the wind, even the opportunity to sigh has not been left, leaving only indifference, alert, cold-eyed bystander… Xinlan can only pray to God, let the world have more good people, hope that the bus to the elderly pregnant women to give up their children more people, hope that the old people who dare to fall to the hospital more people, hope that more people donate to children out of school… Chu peoples heart is blue and nostalgic.

Food Material List

  • 1 Self-refining residue 50g
  • 2 Garlic leaf 100g

Operational steps

  • 1 Rinse garlic leaves from old roots and skins, and use a bevel knife for a long time.
    Stir-fried oil residue
  • 2 Stir-fry ginger shredded, soybean sauce, dried chilli and homemade chilli red oil in a pan.
    Stir-fried oil residue
  • 3 Stir in oil residue for 2 minutes until coloured
    Stir-fried oil residue
  • 4 Stir-fry garlic stems for 2 minutes with salt and homemade flavor.
    Stir-fried oil residue
  • 5 Stir-fry garlic leaves for 2 minutes and start the pan.
    Stir-fried oil residue


Lorry is wordy:
1. Do not fry too dry when refining oil residue. Leave a little oil in it and taste more delicious
2. Garlic stems are more difficult to fry and taste. It is better to fry garlic stems before frying garlic leaves
3. Soybean, dried chili and garlic leaves are the perfect match of oil residue

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