Stir-fried rice flour with celery minced meat

Celery is too much, rice noodles left a bowl yesterday, and I am in a good mood when I get up in the morning > _

Food Material List

  • 1 Three tender celery roots
  • 2 50 g fresh meat
  • 3 Rice flour for one person

Operational steps

  • 1 1 celery, lean meat and chili pepper are cut into two pots and boiled in water. Then they are boiled in rice flour. Fill the water in three pots with cold water and pour it out. Add cooking oil, heat salt 4, stir-fry lean meat, then add celery and chili pepper 5, add rice flour, then add seasoning (according to your preference). 6. Stir-fry evenly at the end, and serve up!
    Stir-fried rice flour


Chopped pepper and dried mother are bottled in supermarket. They like spicy food, so they can add seasonings according to their mood and taste

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