Stir-fried salted vegetable with Eucalyptus flowers

Every May to June is the season when the mast flowers are in full bloom. The Jin Chinese people have a preference for eating mast flowers. Whenever fresh mast flowers are sold in the restaurant, many people will come to buy them, because mast flowers can be made into a delicious dish. The salted vegetables here are dried salted vegetables salted thoroughly, chopped and dried.

Food Material List

  • 1 Gardenia flowers
  • 2 Pickles

Operational steps

  • 1 Collect flowers on the hill, as a play, mast flowers all over the hill
    Stir-fried salted vegetable
  • 2 Pick off the heart and receptacle after picking
    Stir-fried salted vegetable
  • 3 Wash and rinse out the water, then rinse in the cold water.
    Stir-fried salted vegetable
  • 4 Squeeze the water slightly, stir-fry with salted vegetables and add oil, salt and monosodium glutamate.
    Stir-fried salted vegetable
  • 5 This dish is fresh and tender, with the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, detoxifying and stopping dysentery. It is suitable for pulmonary fever, cough, carbuncle, intestinal bleeding and other diseases.
    Stir-fried salted vegetable


Eucalyptus in late spring is a delicacy that ordinary people dont know. Fresh Eucalyptus flowers are picked and scalded with boiling water, then washed with cold water, and fried with seasonings. It not only tastes delicious, but also refreshes the blood. Pinggan Mingmu has good medicinal value every year from May to June. It is the season when the Eucalyptus blossoms. Jinhua people like to eat Eucalyptus flowers. Whenever there are fresh Eucalyptus flowers on the market, many people will come to buy them, because Eucalyptus flowers can be made into a delicious dish.

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