Stir-fried sausage with garlic moss

This season is when garlic moss is on the market. It tastes like home sausage cooked during the Spring Festival. If there are guests at home, this dish is also a good guest dish. Oh, is it simple and fast?

Food Material List

  • 1 A garlic bolt A Jin
  • 2 Sausage Two sections

Operational steps

  • 1 Section of garlic bolt
    Stir-fried sausage with
  • 2 Sausage sliced and dished (sausage steamed in a pot like this, with pepper juice is also very good!)
    Stir-fried sausage with
  • 3 Pour a little bean paste into the pot, stir-fry the red oil, then pour garlic sprouts and sausages into the pot (ah, just a section of lettuce, stir-fry the vegetables together), stir-fry, add salt and a few drops of vinegar.
    Stir-fried sausage with
  • 4 Because sausage itself has fragrance, so do not add too much seasoning, stir-fry cooked after the pot! (You cant fry it for too long, or garlic moss wont be crisp and tasty.)
    Stir-fried sausage with

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