Stir-fried shredded pork with pumpkin mustard

I dont know if my friend who cares about Wei Wei finds out that Wei Wei likes fried silk dishes very much, because when she started cooking, she always worshipped those who have good knife skills. Especially the professional master who can cut silky silk quickly has been fantasizing that one day he will also be able to do it. However, over the years, Dao Gong has not made any progress. Art has improved a lot (* ^ ^ *) hip-hop (* ^ *)… Allow me to boast of O (______________ In order to comfort me, Dabao blamed all the mistakes on the props at home. He also said that there were few delicious dishes cut too thin. But I just envy and hate those masters who can cut out silk quickly. Entanglement~~~~~~~~~

Food Material List

  • 1 Lean pork About 200 g
  • 2 Squash Twelve
  • 3 Preserved mustard 1 bags

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut pork into pork slices with fresh pork, add proper amount of raw powder, cooking wine, ginger and scallion.
  • 2 Pack raw mustard shreds in bags and wash them under the tap.
  • 3 Cut the squash pairs in half, and then cut into shredded squash. The other half of us eat next meal, very good living O () O ha!
  • 4 Oil pan, slip into shredded pork and stir-fry until discolored. Add dried chili and pumpkin shredded and stir-fry until soft.
  • 5 Finally, add the washed shredded mustard tuber, stir-fry it slightly, add seasonings according to personal taste, and you can get out of the pot ~(> =)/~Lala La


Shredded mustard has always chosen the original flavor, because it feels that the spicy variety of additions are too much ~ < br > Shredded mustard should not be put in too early, or it will not affect its taste.
In fact, you can also add a few shredded carrots, the color will be more beautiful.

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