Stir-fried steamed bun with garlic fragrance

Food in childhood is the best to eat. After decades of precipitation, the taste has nothing to do with the taste, about life. Stir-fried bun is seldom eaten now, even bun is not often eaten, material is too rich, which staple food can not stay at the table for a few days. When I was a child, fried steamed buns and onion sour soup were the sick meals of our family. They were the delicacies offered by mothers only when they expressed their deepest love for their children. Why? What a waste of eggs, but also oil! At that time, only the youngest sister and the oldest grandfather could eat eggs and milk every day. When the youngest sister grew older, she did not have her share. Today, I suddenly remembered that. So I went to my mothers house to find a steamed steamed bread and came back to fry it for a steamed bun. If anyone remembers to eat it, lets enjoy our childhood together. Only in childhood, Fried Bun can not bear two eggs, at most one!

Food Material List

  • 1 Steamed buns 1
  • 2 Egg 2

Operational steps

  • 1 Two eggs were knocked into the bowl and a spoonful of ketchup was dug in on the spur of the moment. Cut onion into dices, garlic into three pieces, and sweet and sour garlic into five pieces pickled at home. Steamed bread is cut into dices one by one.
    Stir-fried steamed bun
  • 2 The frying pan is hot, the garlic powder is fried over a small fire, the eggs are scattered and poured in, and the medium fire slips away.
    Stir-fried steamed bun
  • 3 When the egg juice is not solidified, pour in the steamed bun. Turn over and dip in the egg juice. Stir in the onion and stir-fry until the onion is translucent and fragrant.
    Stir-fried steamed bun
  • 4 Season with salt and sprinkle with black pepper. You can add monosodium glutamate or chicken powder or beef powder if you like. Finally, pour in the pickled garlic. Sugar-and-vinegar pickled garlic is very popular in my home with stewed noodles, fried cakes, fried steamed buns, etc. It is sour, hot and sweet, and very appetizing.
    Stir-fried steamed bun
  • 5 Turn it over a little more and youll be out of the pot. The steamed bun with slight Scorch is the best.
    Stir-fried steamed bun
  • 6 A person is too lazy to toss about eating, and do not decorate anything. Eat it directly. Garlic is a good thing, even if it tastes a little after eating, its OK. Anyway, Im talking about it. Its just a cure. Say less.
    Stir-fried steamed bun

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